Artist: Mary Mac Eachron

Title: Stained Glass Artist & Quilter

    Mary’s passion has been making stained glass items. Her wind chimes, dream catchers, snowflake ornaments and sun catchers are among the items she designs, and her products have become some of the favorites of local residents.  She also is an avid quilter and belongs to the Quilt for Kids, Coker Creek, Tennessee chapter, and the Village Quilter’s Guild in Loudon, Tennessee.  

Artist: Judith Wrighter

Title: Painter

   Judi is an East Tennessee artist who spent most of her life in Georgia.  She attended classes at the Atlanta Art Institute, and studied under Atlanta artists: Beverly Harding and Pam Hagan, and also Daniel E. Greene, one of America’s leading portrait painters.  Her works are in several private collections in both the United State and abroad.  She has previously been juried into shows at the Creative Arts Guild Fine Arts Exhibition in Dalton, Georgia and the North Fulton Regional Juried Art Exhibition in Sandy Springs, Georgia.  

Artist: Donna Lundy

Title: Knitting & Textiles

  Donna, who works with knitting and textiles, learned to knit from her grandmother at the age of ten. She has taught several workshops. She creates beautiful purses, hats, shawls, etc., and several of her felted knitted pieces have won blue ribbons and one won best in show.    

Artist: Gayle Edwards

Title: Quilter

  Gayle likes to do hand piecing and hand quilting.  She has made many beautiful pieces and is a member of the following groups: the Dorcas Ladies quilting group in Tellico Plains, Tennessee which makes and gives quilts to people who are ill, the Quilts for Kids, Inc. Coker Creek, Tennessee chapter, the Happy Hands quilters in Tellico Plains, Tennessee, and the Southwest Florida Quilting Guild.    

Artist: Bonnie Soucy

Title: Basket Making & Quilter

    Bonnie, who makes baskets, bowls, and purses, is a co-leader of the Quilts for Kids, Inc. Tennessee chapter and is a member of the Village Quilter’s Guild in Loudon, Tennessee.  She is an avid quilter and has mastered the technique of fabric coiling.  She has some of her coiled baskets at the Heritage Gift Shop.    

Artist: Chad Hooper

Title: Chain Saw Art & Photography

  Chad demonstrates the crowd-pleasing art of chain saw carving.  People enjoy watching him carve, and he is always happy to explain his craft. He has often carved at the Autumn Gold Festival.  Chad is also an avid and talented photographer.    

Artist: Mary Jane Reece

Title: Crafter & Angel Making

  Mary Jane loves to tat and often makes beautiful angels to sell at the Heritage Gift Shop, using different models for each season of the year.  She also has a talent for decorating and makes seasonal changes at the shop.  

Artist: Josie Mott

Title: Quilter & Purse Making

  Josie is talented in the art of quilt making and also makes beautiful purses from cloth. She is a member of the Coker Creek division of Quilts for Kids, Incc., and the Doccas Ladies group in Tellico Plains, Tennessee. Her talents extend to the art of Photography.   

Artist: Jack Wrighter

Title: Carver

  Jack loves whittling walking canes and has a unique design on all of his work. He studied under Ken Dalton.  He has often sold his items at the Heritage Gift Shop. 

Artist: Judy Long

Title: Painter

  Judy is an artist who enjoys both painting and drawing. She had art education in high school, and studied art at the University of Orlando for a year.  Judy belonged to an artist’s co-op group in Virginia.  Since moving to Coker Creek a few years ago, she has studied many new techniques.  Her work is in the Heritage Gift Shop.   

Artist: Kathy Crawford

Title: Painter

  Kathy painted in high school and a few years after, but did not start again until she retired to Coker Creek, Tennessee a few years ago.   Her main focus is painting still life as well as birds and animals.  Her art has been displayed at a Tellico Plains, Tennessee art gallery, and she has demonstrated at the Coker Creek Heritage Gift Shop events.   

Artist: Lynda DiCandio

Title: Quilter

Lynda is a quilter who also enjoys making jewelry.  She has worked with the Quilts for Kids, Inc., and her items can be found in the Heritage Gift Shop.  

Artist: Ken Dalton

Title: Basket Weaver & Master Carver

    Ken is an internationally known basket weaver and carver. He is a member of Southern Highlands Craft Guild, American Craft Council, and Tennessee Artist's-Craftsman Association. He was an instructor at the University of Tennessee, the University of North Carolina, the University of Missouri, and Georgia State University. He also taught at Euro-Disney in Paris, France. His work is on display in six permanent museum collections.  There are many of his baskets and some of his carvings at the Heritage Gift Shop. Artist: Kathleen Dalton

Title: Many Types of Media

  Kathleen is an internationally known artist. She is an expert in many types of media and is especially well know throughout the southeastern United States.  Most recently Kathleen has produced many paintings in oils and acrylics, worked with china painting, and has created beautiful jewelry pieces.  Her works are in  numerous private collections and shown in various art shops in the area. She is a member of the Southern Highland Craft Show. She has many beautiful pieces in the Heritage Gift Shop.   

Artist: Morris Hawk

Title: Carver & Basketry

  Morris retired from the US Forest Service. He has a great knowledge and love for wood, having worked in the forest for many years. After retirement, he began studying and taking classes in white oak basketry and became an excellent carver of wooden animals..  He has taught classes locally and has helped people develop new carving skills.   

Artist: Donna Powers

Title: Quilter & Doll Maker

  Donna Powers: Donna attended Massoit Community College in Massachusetts for Interior Design. She started quilting in 1980. She moved to Coker Creek in 2009 and initiated a charity chapter of Quilts for Kids, Inc., which makes and donates quilts to critically ill and abused children in the East Tennessee area hospitals. She co-leads a group of quilters named Mountain Pine Needlers, who sell their work at the Coker Creek Heritage Gift Shop earning funds to buy supplies to make the quilts for kids. She also creates beautiful button dolls, Which she sells in the shop. 

Artist: Mimi McClullen

Title: Pebble Artist

    Mimi has perfected the unique talent of pebble art.  Her work is very popular in our area..   A display of her work may be found at the Heritage Gift Shop.   

Artist: Carol Felton

Title: Quilter

  Carol is an extremely talented and creative quilter, who has won awards for her pieces. She is a member of the Coker Creek, Tennessee chapter of the Quilts for Kids, Inc., and is also involved with the Dorcas Ladies group in Tellico Plains, Tennessee who  make quilts for people who are ill.  

Artist: Charlotte Watson

Title: Carver & Woodburner

  Charlotte is a very talented carver and excellent in the art of woodburning.  Most of her creations are of Indians and are always very lifelike. She also makes beautiful carving of bears and other animals.  Her work can be seen at the Heritage Gift Shop. 

Artist: Peggy Gay

Title: Painter

  Peggy enjoys painting animals on tiles, the result of which are very pleasing to the eye.  She also makes beautiful Christmas ornaments by painting a scene using a different theme every year.  Among her other creations are animal notecards and animal magnets.  The Heritage Gift Shop has many of her items in stock. 

Artist: Lynda Best

Title: Painter

Painting is the way I share my spiritual being. I am unable to put  into words anything that is even part of

what I paint. My images are what I want to "say". I paint the moment. My goal in life is to "live the moment "

and thus, I share the vision I see.... for that moment with all others who look into my paintings. Simply just

that.  With love, Lynda Best 

Artist: Gloria Wyatt

Title: Watercolors

Gloria has taken watercolor classes from artists in the Southeast, and has developed a beautiful style of

her own. She uses vivid colors to create beautiful pieces of art, each one so totally different and pleasing

to the eye.  Her work can be seen at


Local Coker Creek Artists

Artist: Linda Charset

Title: China Painter

  Over the years, Linda has developed the art of china painting, and is now producing beautiful pieces of work.  She works with a variety of different shapes of china, and draws and paints flowers, birds, children art, and Christmas designs..  She studied under Kathleen Dalton.  Linda has demonstrated at our porch events at the Heritage Gift Shop.   

Artist: Butch Harper

Title: Stagecoach & Wagon Builder

    Butch is a master in the art of wagon making.  He uses exact specifications to create amazing replicas of  stagecoaches, covered wagons, chuck wagons, and various other models that will take you back in history. He also makes beautiful wooden waterfalls. If you do not see  what you like at the Welcome Center in Coker Creek, you can order something that will fit your needs.
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